For more than 20 years, Mario S.N.C. have been helping small, medium and large companies to improve their work efficiency, to achieve better results in terms of performance and protection of  workers’s health.

The company Mario S.N.C. company was founded in 1993 as producer and seller of industrial applied technologies.

Since 1997 it has been aiming to solve the problems of transport of heavy loads on stairs  and today it is the leader in Italy in the production of stair climbers for the transport of goods.

Mario S.N.C. constructs its products entirely in Italy, with qualified employees trained in safety and respecting the laws.

In 2006, after having achieved important goals, the company Mario decided to start the production of additional items.

Today, Mario boasts over 15 models of stairclimbers of own production, to meet the specific needs of the transportation sector on stairs. Our stairclimbers are extremely robust, specially designed to resist the weather and the efforts of everyday working life.

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