Pezzoli porte e finestre

Pezzoli porte e finestre founded from Stefano Pezzoli is an established and consolidated family company. The offred products, carefully selected…


Why choose Mario?

Why it get where others can't?

It's very simple: Everyone knows that ,when you climb a stair, the major difficulty is in turning the landing stair and not to climb them. For example: to tur ... More


Would you like to try Mario stairclimbers? Now you can do it thanks to our special rental formula. The Mario Rental Formula allows you to evaluate one of our s ... More

Pay by installments

It 's possible to pay our stairclimber with small monthly installments (Subject to financing approved). Get a Quote


At Mario, we come up with all sorts of solutions to satisfy you! At Mario, we believe in our products, the quality of the materials used, and the assembly an ... More

Italian Quality

We work for over 20 years with products and technology CE and Italian marked.

Trade in

We super evaluate and take back your used motorized or manual trolley of any mark.